Shhh! Quiet Study Area and the Library

A new space has been added to the school for quiet studying, and some changes have been made to the library passes and makerspace.


Alanna Braxton, Staff Reporter

Over the summer, the West principals and administration worked on getting a new area for students to quietly work on homework, projects, and other school-related things. In previous years, administration noticed that, while there were many places to work throughout the building, none of them were truly quiet. That is why the Quiet Area was made. Mrs. Shipe says, “We all love the library, but it isn’t the quietest place to work.”

Those allowed to go to the Quiet Area are cyber/blended students and two students per lunch. Students from classes or regular study hall are not allowed to go to the Quiet Area because their study hall should already be a quiet working area

This school year, a frequently asked question has been, “Why are the library passes different?” The same number of passes are still offered, but students now have to pick up their passes from the library before their lunch. This process is easier than the old one and less time consuming for everyone. Students don’t have sign out of the cafe before they go to the library. Also, knowing how many kids are coming in each day and lunch period allows Mrs. Nass and the library staff to prep for the day and to schedule teachers to come into the library with their classes. It is a more efficient system for the students and the staff.

There are also many new additions to the library. The makerspace has been moved to the right corner of the library. This was done for the students who weren’t comfortable going into the room that it was previously located in. There is also a new sewing machine and puzzles for students to use. Mrs. Nass also started a new program called Caremaker, where West students make tote bags for the elementary school students. Therefore, students have a bag to carry their books in when they get library books at school.

There are many clubs and activities in the library, such as Library Club, Book Club, Writers Club, Makers Club, and Reading Olympics. Also, the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is working on marking books with LGBTQ labels to identify those that promote equality and address LGBTQ issues. It is a pleasure to have Mrs. Nass back in the library. Despite all of the new areas and developments in the library, Mrs. Nass says that her favorite part of the library is “the students. It is such a good environment; kids are working hard and there is always something going on. I love seeing the kids thrive!”