Cupcake Wars 2023 Storm West


Lauren Taylor

Sundae Fun Day! One of the winners of the 2022-23 Cupcake Wars recreates the banana split into a cupcake.

Kaitlyn Dorr, Staff Reporter

This spring, the baking classes of Downingtown High School West participated in their very own Cupcake Wars! Each kitchen, consisting of four students, spent one day collaborating on a theme for their cupcakes. There was no specific topic for this competition, so creativity could flow freely. The next class consisted of baking the cupcakes, and the next decorating and being judged. The Cupcake Wars happen annually, but this year was one for the books.

Classmates had to work together and race against the clock in order to get their delicious desserts to the judging table. Different judges were present for every class period, making many happy first-place winners. The winners of this year’s Cupcake Wars were Piña Colada, Easter Cupcake, Lemon Bee, Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Lemon, and Banana Split.

When asked about her favorite aspect of the Cupcake Wars, one of the school’s baking teachers, Mrs. Lauren Taylor, said, “My favorite part of Cupcake Wars is how excited the students and the judges get about the cupcakes. We love watching the staff scramble for judges spots on the Google signup. Overall, it’s just one of my favorite things we do, and the students are so creative. I am very proud of the work the baking students do.”

With fundamental ingredients and some special elements, the students went all out with their designs and tastes. There were basic recipes, such as vanilla or chocolate cupcakes, provided for all kitchens. The challenge presented to the students was that they needed to add one or more elements to the cupcake batter that would set it apart from the rest.

When it came to judging day, every student in each kitchen had a specific job. Whether it was icing the cupcakes, decorating the cupcakes, or simply doing the dishes, every aspect was equally important. Congratulations to the winners, and a job well done to all participants!