Senior Spotlight: Patrick Buchheit (’23)


Reaching one’s best at West: Patrick Buchheit shared, “West has influenced me to strive to be a better person.”

Viktor Feliciano, Staff Reporter

High school is a four-year experience, one that becomes “shorter” with every passing second of time. It’s an experience that means many different things to each person. I could tell you that high school is daunting or exciting, fast or slow, or even just generally “good” or “bad” and anything in between and beyond, but that does not give you just service. High school is something different for each person, no matter what.

I interviewed high school senior Patrick Buchheit, who experienced this subjective four-year marathon and has told parts of his individual tales below, which are to be taken as an example since no one will be able to thoroughly tell you about how your high school life was or will be. To consider and learn from past experiences is the very essence of learning, and that idea will forever and always help guide yourself and your decisions across time.

WEST SIDE BEAT: To the best of your ability, talk about your experience at West.
PATRICK BUCHHEIT: My experience at West was a very good one. I met a lot of wonderful teachers and people.

WSB: How has West, your classes, your student friends, and your teachers influenced you, and how you have changed over your years here?
PB: West has influenced me to strive to be a better person, and my friends and teachers have allowed me to have connections that make me strive to be better, as well. Because my teachers have never given up on me, I have always tried to make them proud.

WSB: Did you partake in any clubs, extracurricular activities, or advanced/extra coursework at West? If so, how was that experience?
PB: I participated in Stage West three out of the four years here. It was a really good acting experience and taught me how to not only act better but learn to deal with people I didn’t like.

WSB: What went well? What went amazing and best? What got stuck? What failed? Talk about the highs and lows that you experienced here.
PB: Some of my best moments were with the people of Stage West and theater arts.

WSB: What would you tell anyone who is not a senior, from those going into high school to someone going into their senior year?
PB: I just want to say, go to class. Talk to people. It will help you very much. Get to know your teachers. They will be your best advocates. Do the work. Even if you don’t feel like it, do it. It will help build skills that will help you in your future.