West Cheer Hosts Tryouts


Erin Elsdon

Go, West! The DHSW cheer team is looking for the next generation of Whippets to join their award-winning squad.

Julia Staffieri, Staff Reporter

Downingtown West Cheer is hosting tryouts for the upcoming season! Tryouts will be held on Wednesday, April 18. All Downingtown High School West students are eligible to try out. Varsity coaches Stephanie Skoglund, Jenna Garcia, and Angela Olshefski, along with JV coaches Erin Elsdon and Liz Schlosser, are looking forward to new talent this year.

Expectations are high for the new season! Last season, varsity earned fifth at nationals for their amazing game-day routine. Additionally, JV blew the UCA (Universal Cheerleaders Association) judges away and earned second in the country for their game-day routine. West hopes to do even better next year at nationals. Coaches are searching for not just tumbling, jumps, and stunts but also technique, skill, and determination.

Coaches are not the only ones excited for what is to come. Returning cheerleaders are also looking forward to what the new season will bring. Maggie Miehl, a rising junior and previous JV captain, said, “I felt happy to win second, and it made me want to work hard and hopefully go further in the future.”

Another cheerleader, Ally Harris, who is currently a sophomore at Downingtown STEM, said, “It felt very surreal for us to get second because we worked so hard the entire season. It was very exciting for us at finals and to have all that hard work pay off.”

No one knows what next season will bring, but West is determined to make it a memorable year for all involved!