Living Arts Returns for Its 49th Anniversary


Will Rohner

West’s Got Talent: Will Rohner (’26) shines in the spotlight of their 2023 Living Arts submission.

Sara Rowlinson, Staff Reporter

The annual Living Arts show at West just had its 49th anniversary as it returned to the Wagner Gym for this year’s student showcase. On April 19, the showcase was open to the public to spectate and review all of the talented artists of West. After the changed location last year due to the gym floor being renovated, the Living Arts show made a tenacious comeback as it returned to its home.

The Living Arts show serves as a way for students to show off their hard work from the year. Many students often win awards or honorable mention in their categories. Those who were in the art show for the first time found the experience a great way to honor their and their fellow students’ creative works. Will Rohner, a freshman at West, said, “I enjoyed seeing the different talented artists and how their work was used to express themselves.”

Many students like Rohner demonstrated the same enthusiasm for the many benefits that came with this annual show. As West anticipates the 50th anniversary of the show in 2024, many artists at West are excited and thinking of possible projects for next year.