Lindsay Lohan’s New Holiday Movie Warms Hearts


Scott Everett White/Netflix

Walking in a winter wonderland! Sierra Belmont and her potential love interest take a midnight stroll while stirring feelings arise.

Sara Rowlinson, Staff Reporter

Netflix’s new holiday movie starring Lindsay Lohan, Falling for Christmas, makes way with a new meaning of the cheesy Christmas classic. Released on November 10, it has become one of the most popular movies of this holiday season.

Lohan stars as the main character, Sierra Belmont, who lives a lavish lifestyle. Set to take over her father’s ski resort hotel, Sierra finds herself in the hospital after an accident that leaves her with no memory. She finds herself left with a single ski lodge owner and his daughter. This story of character development, with an added twist of holiday cheer, warms the hearts of all movie lovers this season.

As the holiday break approaches, many students at West keep their spirits high while rewatching their favorite holiday classic movies. Senior Sam Root said, “I really enjoyed the movie. I saw it came out on Netflix and watched the trailer and thought it would be a really cute movie.”

Warm up to a hot cup of cocoa and your favorite pair of fuzzy socks as you watch Netflix’s fun and romantic Christmas story, Falling for Christmas.