West Traditions: Musical Fridays



Headphones off! West’s tradition of playing popular music between bells on Fridays is a favorite among students and staff alike.

Alex Paul, Staff Reporter

Every Friday, the halls around Downingtown West become a little more joyful. In between periods, music is played throughout the school with varying genres and artists. West’s very own principals and Mrs. Lynn Monarch deserve all the credit for this fun tradition.

Around 7:30 a.m., the music begins to play, immediately setting the mood for the entire day. Students recognize this music as a sign that the weekend is soon to come. After each bell between periods rings, another song plays.

The music selection for each Friday consists mainly of songs that are widely known throughout pop culture. On Fridays before holiday breaks or during spirit weeks, the selection will correspond to said holiday or spirit theme. Students can actually send song requests to Monarch for selection.

Several students love this tradition. According to Johnny Reis (’23), “It’s just relaxing and a nice break in between periods.”

Other students would love to put personal song requests in. Pierce Gracia (’23) said, “I would like to hear some music that could get the spirits up, not like cheesy songs but just songs to get the mood up. Maybe some new or recent songs.”

Many students wonder how this tradition got started. According to Dr. Patricia Bell, “Originally, we would play music for a special occasion, like before the holidays, and then we decided how much we liked it, so we decided to do it every Friday.”