Meet Downingtown West’s Chick-fil-A Leadership Club


Sophia Kenworthey

A taste of leadership: Members of the Chick-fil-A Leadership Club put together holiday care packages for district bus drivers.

Sophia Kenworthey, Staff Reporter

Here at West, we have a ton of students who have become leaders of the student body, and they have banded together to create the Chick-fil-A Leadership Club. The exemplary students that make up this club have decided to have their main mission be to give back to their community.

The club does a multitude of projects with compassion at the center of it all. They learn how to be better leaders for the community and take action in the school setting. At school, they have meetings with teachers and guidance counselors to help them direct the rest of the student body to make the most out of their time here at Downingtown West.

This year, they collected donations and created care packages to give back to bus drivers during the holiday season. The packages consisted of candy canes, hand warmers, Chick-fil-A gift cards, and other assorted holiday goods.

West is so thankful for its Chick-fil-A Leadership Club. It is only for students who are involved in running clubs and organizations at West, so if anyone has any desire to join this club: Get involved!