Downingtown Is Stirring about Evergreen Coffee Company


Kathryn Hanks

Hot or cold, Evergreen Coffee Company serves up coffee sensations like this oatmeal-chocolate-chip macchiato.

Kathryn Hanks, Staff Reporter

Interested in trying a new coffee shop? Looking for a peaceful place for studying? Evergreen Coffee Company is a top choice.

Located at 102 Wallace Ave., Evergreen opened on August 6 and has been a hit spot for coffee lovers since. It offers all the best kinds of coffee, including cold brews, lattes, and even tea for those who do not enjoy java. Along with the delicious coffee, Evergreen offers locally and house-made pastries.

After hearing so much about Evergreen, I had to check it out for myself. Upon walking in, I noticed the beautiful plant-inspired decor and the smiling face of the barista. When I asked her for a recommendation, she pointed me toward the oatmeal-chocolate-chip macchiato. She said it is “always a good choice” — and she was right! As I drank my coffee, I found that the quiet and cozy atmosphere was the perfect place to get schoolwork done. It’s even great for just sitting with friends and chatting.

Evergreen Coffee Company is definitely a place I recommend. If you’re ever looking for a good cup of coffee or just need a place to escape to, then Evergreen is your spot!

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