The Vampire Diaries on Netflix: A Binge-able Pleasure


Totally bingeworthy! THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is a drama-filled Netflix gem.

Maddie Eckenrode, Staff Reporter

Want a new binge worthy show? The Vampire Diaries on Netflix is a very intriguing show.

The main character, Elena Gilbert, gets involved in the vampire world when Stefan Salvatore, a vampire, finds her in the town of Mystic Falls. She is a doppelgänger of Katherine, a vampire from the 1800s. Doppelgängers are important to the Original family, the very first vampires that existed.


One of the son’s from the Original family, Klaus, is a hybrid–a vampire and a werewolf. But there was a spell put on him that limits his power and took away his ability to become a werewolf; he wants to break the spell and needs a human doppelgänger to do so. Katherine is a doppelgänger but she was turned into a vampire, so he cannot use her to break the curse.  Elena’s family and friends are all tied into this mess, as her best friend Bonnie is a witch and the vampires use her for spells. Her other best friend is Caroline, who is turned into a vampire. Tyler, their other friend, is a werewolf, and later Klaus turns him into a hybrid after the curse is broken. Klaus uses Elena’s guardian and aunt as part of the ritual to break the curse, connecting the families fully.

The show is filled with drama and romance which makes you want to watch all day and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The Salvatore brothers, Elena, all her friends, and Alaric, Elena’s new guardian after her aunt died, all wanted to kill the original family to finally have peace. But they can not be killed with a wooden stake in the heart. They can be preserved with daggers in their hearts and the only way to actually kill them is with the white oak tree wood that was used to turn them into vampires. Unfortunately, they burned the tree so the wood cannot be turned into stakes. The drama goes on and on so you’ll have to watch for yourself. I recommend watching this show and I think you should do it.