Indoor Colorguard and Percussion: A Mid Season Update


Daniel VanHassent

West is the best! The Indoor Colorguard and Percussion ensembles pose together with their awards after the Perkiomen Valley Competition.

Clara Huston, Staff Reporter

The indoor groups of West had great success at their competition at Perkiomen Valley High School on the 19th. Both groups came in first in their division and the indoor percussion ensemble was also awarded the Esprit de Corps Award. This is the first time in over five years that West is able to support two indoor ensembles that exclusively belong to the west side of the district.

The indoor guard has been making steady progress with improving their scores and performances every week. Their show, One Nostalgic Movement In Time, boasts a high level of difficulty but the members make it look effortless. At the competition West hosted on the March 5th, the guard scored a 73.46 which would have placed them in first had they not been in exhibition. At the last competition at Perkiomen Valley, they received a 78.58, a large improvement from their first debut two weeks prior. When asked about the future of the guard for this season, Lieutenant Kelly McDonald (‘22) said, “I believe the guard will do very well this season. We have a drive and an attitude to do well that I have never seen before… It will take us to great places.”

The indoor percussion ensemble has been facing triumphs and difficulties with their show since they first performed at West in early March. Since their debut at the home competition they have completely reworked their show concept and performance. Additionally, they have been moved up a division, and they are now competing against other groups of similar skill level. At the home show they scored a 77.95 in exhibition before all the changes were made. Most recently at Perkiomen Valley, their show, The Greed That Consumes Us, scored a 80.80–the highest score of the night. The group also earned the Esprit de Corps Award which is awarded to groups who show a love and passion for music through their performance.

Both groups will be traveling to Abington Senior High School on April 9th to compete once again. The ensembles are also very excited to announce that they will be hosting Chapter Championships this year at Unionville High School on April 23rd. Consider showing out if you have no other plans to support these two groups!

The future of both groups is looking promising and there is so much excitement surrounding what they will accomplish. We wish the best of luck to both groups in their endeavors this season.