EUPHORIA: Bringing West Together

Peyton Jones, Staff Reporter

If you have a subscription to HBOMax, you’re in luck. The Downingtown area–along with the rest of the world–has been totally captivated by the show Euphoria, and this interest turned to obsession when season 2 dropped a few months ago. The series follows main character Rue as she navigates through the trouble of her teenage years, facing trauma, addiction, social media, and temptation itself.

The show’s views have skyrocketed the past few months, as teens around the world find the series captivating and relatable. Social media has been filled with teenagers talking about the episodes and speculating about what’s to come in later seasons. Euphoria has brought West teens together, ultimately starting to repair the isolation damage COVID had implanted.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the show, give it a shot.  If you love it, you’ll be in good company with many West students who are euphoric about Euphoria!