What Is West Listening To?


Tim Wing, Staff Reporter

Music is a very important thing in many of the students at West’s lives, so I decided to see what’s popular at the moment in the building. I surveyed over 30 members of the community and got their thoughts on what is the best music to listen to right now.

Hip hop was the dominant genre as I looked at what everyone is listening to. Over half of the responses I’ve gotten were hip hop, with some of the most popular rappers around being Tyler, the Creator and Kanye West.

Here are how some of the biggest music fans in the school are thinking right now:

Matthew Singer (‘23) said, “I’ve been listening to Purple Mountains’ self titled albums recently because it’s emotional and has a nice folky sound.”

One of the most popular rappers right now, Tyler, the Creator, poses in his signature style for the music video for his song JUGGERNAUT.

Jashan Singh (‘23) said, “Nav is a great example of being a great producer and a great rapper. Him and Yeat are on another level. J Cole is mid.”

While the releases seen so far have been very recent, some students still love the classics.

Fionnoula Cumens-McAveny (‘23) said, “I’m listening to Phil Ochs’s “Pleasures of the Harbor.” I think that it’s one of the cornerstone albums of the 1967 baroque pop movement, bringing Ochs’s political and societal views to the listener in a new, intriguing sound.”

The school has a large variety of music taste, but through a collective love of music everybody can unite. From The Beatles to Kanye West, there is one thing I’d say we can all agree on: music is a great thing and an important part of our community.