Staff Spotlight: Mr. Otto


Blue and gold proud! Mr. Ed Otto is the director of West’s Blue and Gold Marching Band.

Tish Cichon, Staff Reporter

There are many coaches and teachers in our high school, but only one band director.

Edward Otto, Mr. Otto, is a known and loved teacher here at Downingtown West. He directs our very own Blue and Gold Marching Band who made it to Pasadena, California this year to perform in the Rose Bowl Parade. Mr. Otto can be known for his awfully funny dad jokes and his open ear for students who need someone to talk to. If you’re in Marching Band, Concert Band, Instrumental Ensemble, Pit Orchestra, or Jazz Band, Mr. Otto always makes each event and grouping a family atmosphere.

Whether you have a musical ear or not, Mr. Otto is always interested in conversing with people; he can tell you over a hundred stories in the span of an hour. If you have a question about how to play a B flat scale on a saxophone or about how penguins communicate, the man knows it all. Mr. Otto and Mrs. Otto are like a mom and dad to every student they meet, if you ever have a question or need an open ear they are always there.

The West community is lucky to have someone like Mr. Otto as a part of it!