Twin Valley Coffee: The Hype is Real


Lola Bruton

But first, coffee! Twin Valley Coffee offers up a variety of hot and iced beverages, both coffee and not.

Lola Bruton, Staff Reporter

In recent months, I’ve heard more and more about Twin Valley Coffee being a premiere local destination for all things caffeinated.  As a coffee lover, I needed to see for myself if the hype surrounding Twin Valley Coffee was real or not.

Twin Valley Coffee has two locations: one at the Shady Maple Market and their newer location in the Eagleview Town Center. I visited their closer location at Eagleview.  The atmosphere in and around the shop is nice. There is plenty of outdoor seating as well as comfortable seating inside. This is definitely a place I could see myself catching up on schoolwork or hanging out with friends.  Sophomore Olivia Seiwell says “It’s great! It is definitely my new coffee spot.”

My favorite part about the coffee at Twin Valley is how easy it is to order. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the different drinks places like Starbucks or Dunkin offers but I really love how simple Twin Valley has kept their menu.  They have two different cold coffees: cold brew or the nitro cold. Then you can pick if you would like a caramel or chocolate drizzle or none. Lastly, you pick what cream you want. They have lots of great choices. They know what they are good at and do it well. Beyond the quality coffee, the staff is super friendly and quick.

During my visit, I ordered a nitro cold brew with caramel and sweet cream. My first impression was how aesthetically pleasing the coffee looks, which is a plus. However, it didn’t just look great–the hype was real, and this coffee was delicious! Personally, I like my coffee to not be super sweet; my order was perfect. The coffee was creamy and sweet while still tasting like the strong bold coffee.

Don’t worry–if you’re not a coffee lover, they offer chai lattes or hot chocolate. If you’re not a big iced coffee fan they have a variety of hot drinks as well. Another plus is the price. Their coffee also won’t break the bank, which I appreciate.

In conclusion, my trip to Twin Valley Coffee was worth it and I will definitely be visiting again.  Learn more by visiting their website.