Holing Out the Season: A Postseason Golf Update


Theme day at practice! The girls’ team dresses in red to match the color tees they play from.

Clara Huston, Staff Reporter

Both the girls’ and boys’ varsity golf teams had a successful season last fall. Both teams had a season record of 8-4 with a considerable number of individual Ches-Mont qualifiers–the boys’ team clutched a team Ches-Mont spot as well. The girls managed to have three players qualify for districts out of the seven that attended Ches-Monts. The boys’ team had four players qualify for Districts competition out of the eight Ches-Mont spots and had one player make it all the way to States. They also qualified for the team component of Ches-Monts and took first place with the strong players they brought to the challenge.

The girls’ team was led by captains Hannah Critchley (STEM ‘22) and Clara Huston (‘22) as well as lieutenant Maya Huberty (‘22). Guided by Coach Braun, the girls’ team had one of their most successful seasons yet. The team won most of their matches but, despite their best efforts, were unable to secure wins against Unionville and Downingtown East. The individual qualifiers for Ches-Monts were Hannah Critchley, Clara Huston, Maya Huberty, Celia Breslin (‘23), Emma Lewis (‘25), Lauren Leshko (STEM ‘24), and Rachel Schuda (‘25). Of those seven qualifiers, Critchley, Huston, and Breslin were able to score low enough and make the cut to qualify for Districts. Unfortunately, none of the three girls were able to qualify any further than Districts.

Bret Bergey (‘23) and Nick Gross (‘24) captained the boys’ team with Coach Coyne leading them through the season. The boys’ individual and team qualifiers consisted of Bret Bergey, Nick Gross, Joey Suarez (‘23), Brady Manning (‘23), Trent Thomas (‘22), Luke Chambers (‘24), Jake Ladden (‘22), and Nathan Filidore (‘24). The boys were able to secure the team win at Ches-Monts, but due to a change in rules, they were unable to qualify for the Districts team competition. Nevertheless, Bergey, Gross, Suarez, and Manning scored low and qualified for Districts. Of the four, Gross powered through the difficult challenges that Districts provided and secured a spot in States. It was a tough competition but Gross showed up to win and he did. After a hard-fought and close competition, Gross snagged the win, becoming the first West golfer to win the individual State title.

When asked whether he would consider this season successful and why, Gross responded, “I believe that we had a successful season, because everyone had fun and we all improved day in and day out. We also represented Downingtown West in a great way, even when we had some adversity.” Huston also shared a similar sentiment, stating, “I would consider this season very successful considering all the challenges we had with the virus the previous year. We were all able to come together as a team and make the best of every moment we had together. Laughter and smiles were never far away during our time together.”

The future looks bright for both teams–may they experience fantastic seasons next school year in the fall!