Aevidum Celebrates World Kindness Day at West


Positive messaging! During World Kindness Day, some members of the Class of ‘24 made posters to hang up throughout the school.

Jordan Weathington, Staff Reporter

Aevidum, a club at Downingtown West High School, returned in 2021 by hosting an event for World Kindness Day. Last Friday, the club hosted a booth in the library to introduce their club to students and to make colored posters for World Kindness Day.

Some of the students in the club, such as Jordan Weathington (‘24), Devon Hart (‘24), and Brynn Ennis (‘23) colored posters and added inspirational quotes onto them to hang up around the school for World Kindness Day. Mrs. Nass, who was a part of running the event, encouraged students to visit the Aevidum booth, saying, “Aevidum is doing some great stuff over there, so go check it out!”

In the library on World Kindness Day there were all kinds of clubs such as National Honors Spanish Society, Student Council, Chess Club, HYPE, Special Olympics, and more! Each club contributed with activities and atmosphere to celebrate World Kindness Day with students who joined the festivities in the library on November 12th.

Due to COVID, Aevidum wasn’t able to fully operate in the 20-21 school year, but now they are back and looking forward to new events in the future.  Check out Schoology for their next upcoming event on the 18th of November.