Field of Screams: A Spooky Review


Maddie Lydon

Catching a breath, Chainsaw Dude snaps a quick picture with editors Caleigh Lydon (’22) and Lola Bruton (’22) before finding his next victim.

Lola Bruton, Staff Reporter

Looking for a spooky weekend activity? Field of Screams in Lancaster, PA, will be perfect for you. Make sure to visit soon, as it closes after Halloween weekend with only a few weekend dates after the holiday.

Field of Screams is America’s #1 haunted attraction destination. There are four different attractions along with games, food and live music. Upon arrival, you will be greeted with
frightening characters who will chase, scream, and interact with you. The lines for each attraction are not too long but it is worth the wait.

Fellow editor Caleigh Lydon (’22) and I chose to ride the Haunted Hayride first. This hayride will keep you on the edge of your seat. I don’t want to give too much away but as you ride along there are different stops, each with a separate terrifying theme. Just a PSA: this ride was very interactive, so if you don’t enjoy being touched or having your personal space invaded, this might not be for you.

After going through the attractions, which also included the Den of Darkness, the Frightmare Asylum, and the Nocturnal Wasteland, Caleigh and I spent some time talking with some of the characters. Some of the characters didn’t give us much.  For instance, when we asked Rotten Randy why he spends his time at Field of Screams, his answer was, “Cause I can get away with murder!” The same thing occurred with Bonjo the Clown; he kept his answer short and sweet: “Cause I want to, I like to be an evil clown but I have to be nice sometimes… cause kids.”

Making new friends, senior editors Caleigh Lydon and Lola Bruton mingle with some of the Field of Screams characters.

Though Rotten Randy and Bonjo the Clown stayed in character, we got to spend time with the “Chainsaw Dude” who gave us some insight on his time at Field of Screams. He has been at Field of Screams for eleven years, and he considers the people he works with family.  Unfortunately, one of the Field of Screams makeup artists passed away earlier this year due to COVID-19. Many older cast members and characters came back this season to support one another.  While these creepy characters may seem frightening it is important to remember that they are all a family. At the end of the day, they were all humans once too…

You can check out Field of Screams in Lancaster, PA, up to and shortly after the Halloween holiday.  For more information, visit their website.

*Our editors received free admission to the Field of Screams event.  All opinions are their own and are not reflective of any contract or press requirements upon receipt of their free tickets.