The 2021 Senior Prom in Review


courtesy West Post-Prom Instagram (@dwestpostprom)

Taking their shots on the mini-golf course, Downingtown West Class of 2021 seniors enjoy the activities on offer at Post-Prom.

Lea Filidore, Staff Reporter

The past year, as unprecedented as it has been, has brought many changes and challenges for the Downingtown West Class of 2021. The Class of ‘21 had to sacrifice many sacred West senior traditions. It was through the hard work of the student government and wonderful staff that the seniors were able to experience a prom this year.

On the 14th of May, hundreds of Downingtown West seniors flocked to the Eagleview Town Centre to start the prom festivities. The gathering, one of the first large senior gatherings in more than a year, allowed for friends to reconnect and the good times to begin. As the time for prom approached, the festivities moved towards Kottmeyer Stadium. When the seniors arrived at the stadium, they were greeted with an extravagant set-up; a large tented walkway led students onto the field and into a beautifully decorated space. Students walked through a covered hallway into the main tent. The tent was filled with dozens of round, elegant tables for students to sit and enjoy the dance. A buffet was set up around the perimeter of the back-end of the tent. At the opposite end, a dance floor and DJ stood, waiting for enthusiastic dancers.

After all the seniors had entered the stadium, food and drinks were served. With options for rice noodles, beef tacos, crab cakes, salad, and chicken, students had a multitude of options to choose from. For dessert, students could enjoy ice cream and churros topped with a handful of topping choices like sprinkles and mini cookies. After enjoying a delicious meal, the real festivities began.

As the night progressed, students flocked to the dance floor and made their way to the post-prom event in the Wagner Gymnasium. The dance floor stayed busy and energetic throughout the night as students danced and enjoyed a night spent with friends. The only interruptions on the dance floor were to announce the prom king and queen. While the royal court had a plethora of deserving students, seniors Trent Valle and Bailey Straub walked away with the crowns.

Over in the gym, at the Post-Prom event, students could play games to win college-themed prizes, gamble in the casino, or test their knowledge at Cash Cab, among other activities. The issue of distance between the gym and Kottmeyer stadium was easily rectified by Dr. Barker’s golf-cart cab service running to and from post-prom. Students could travel back and forth from the prom to the post-prom throughout the night, not only after the prom ended.

Upon entrance to the gym lobby, students could grab a drink or a snack and enter themselves into the raffle for prizes at the end of the night. Making their way towards the gym, students were surrounded by beautiful and extensive theming and decorations. Further down the hallway, seniors could see their senior portraits proudly displayed on the walls next to collages of all the colleges and universities that students will be attending next year. In the gym, a lively environment of music and games welcomed students. From mini-golf to caricatures, there was truly something for everyone.

At the end of the night, as prom came to an end, the party continued at Post-Prom with a hypnotist. The hypnotist took ten volunteers from a crowd of West students who were hypnotized. The show was eventful and humorous for participants and audience members alike. After the conclusion of the hypnotist show, the announcement of prizes and raffle winners commenced. Dozens of lucky West seniors took home great prizes ranging from Starbucks gift cards to 32-inch televisions.

Overall, the 2021 senior prom was one to remember. In a year of unexpected events and cancellations, the senior prom was a relief and a breath of fresh air. It was truly the event of the year.