Day Without Hate 2021: Continuing the Tradition


courtesy @dweststudentcouncil

On the Student Council Instagram, they answered questions about DWOH to get everyone ready for the day.

Emery Cottingham, Staff Reporter

Day Without Hate looked a little different this year, but it was the best one yet.

There were not any high fives or hugs in the halls between classes but the students of West found other ways to share the love.

This year, each period had its own activity to bring students together. It has been a hard year for everyone and the decorations and fun games gave the school some excitement it had lost. Some of the activities were decorating the halls with sticky notes with positive messages on them, Kahoots about West culture and history, and a riddle-solving competition between the whole school.

Senior Abbie Gayo, president of the student council and one of the people running the event, said, “This year’s Day Without Hate was more than anything done in the past. We wanted to make it into a day to spread mental health awareness and love.” The day was a success and many teachers and students complimented the new and improved Day Without Hate.

Thanks to StuCo for organizing such a great day for West!