Digital Photography: Course Review


Kelly Flynn

In one of West’s hallways, the students of Digital Photography showcase some favorite photos that they have taken in or for class.

Kelly Flynn, Staff Reporter

Digital photography is a class that takes you through the world of photography and photoshop. In this class, you can create a variety of projects that will impress your audience. Throughout the course, your teacher will explain the ins and outs of how to work a camera properly. He or she will teach things such as how to hold the camera, how to adjust the shutter speed and aperture, and many other aspects of the camera. The teacher will also cover different parts of what makes a picture appealing. Rule of thirds, contrast and depth of field are a few of the methods that they will teach you about during this class.

A big project you will work on is the photo methods project. You will create a slide show presentation of 8 methods in photography and showcase your photos with each of these methods. This project is a hard one but will help you and your photography skills greatly in the future. During your time in Digital Photography, you can let your creativity fly. With all of those great pictures that you take, you will move onto Photoshop and begin to edit them.

With Photoshop, you can edit your pictures to make the picture the best it can be, applying filters and digitally manipulating the image to meet your final vision. You will explore the ins and outs of Photoshop. Using Photoshop, anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

Another project for Digital Photography will result in you creating a yearly calendar full of your favorite pictures. You will use Photoshop to edit your pictures and add them to your calendar. Afterwards, you will print out your calendar and be able to enjoy it throughout the year.

At the end of the school year, you will be able to showcase your pictures in the art show with your very own display board. Your friends and family will be wowed by the photograph skills that you show on your display, and you can carry your photography skills with you throughout the rest of your life.

Overall, this class is one that can be enjoyed by anyone. You can learn so many things about photography during your time in this class. If you have an interest in photography then this class is perfect for you. This class can be fun for all creative minds!