Summer Job Opportunities



By taking a job as a lifeguard, you can earn some money while ensuring summertime safety.

Mason Elias, Staff Reporter

Once you reach high school, getting a job is something you should probably do. You want to have money to buy clothes, snacks, or even gas if you can drive. From experience, I know working during the school year can be stressful, so why not work over the summer instead? Here are some summer jobs and summer job ideas that will help you bring in that summer money:

  1. You can never go wrong with babysitting. During the summer, you have nothing but time on your hands, and if your patience is high enough, babysitting might be the job for you. Not many skills are required; you really just have to be responsible and good with kids. What you make is negotiable and hours should be pretty flexible, so it’s a win-win for everyone! If you’re having trouble finding a babysitter gig, post ads around your neighborhood or on social media. You can even go door-to-door and mention that you’re looking for babysitting jobs.
  2. Lawn mowing is another one of those jobs you can never go wrong with. Whether it be by a push mower or a mower you can ride, it’s almost effortless. With enough time, lawn mowing can actually help you build muscle too, so you can passively get your summer body. Plenty of people are looking to hire local teens/kids to mow their lawns as landscaping businesses are expensive to hire, so students can be a cheaper alternative (not to say you won’t make good money). As with babysitting, you can go door-to-door and mention that you’re looking to mow some lawns. Wages can be negotiable. When I mowed lawns last summer, I made around $35 dollars a lawn and I mowed about 100 lawns, so you can make some really good money!
  3. CBC Pool Management is looking for teenagers to be lifeguards at local pools! High school students with the ability to swim are their ideal candidates. They are hiring up until August 30, and the pool season ends Labor Day Weekend. You can pick your own schedule and wages are competitive up to $14 an hour! The details for this job can be found here.
  4. The Chick-Fil-A in the Exton Mall is hiring! Not only do they make great food, but they treat their employees well, too! You get Sundays off, a meal with every shift you work, paid breaks, and you can even earn a college scholarship! You need to be good with food and have hospitality experience. You also need to be a good team player as it will be a cooperative environment. Wages go from $9-$13 an hour. Details for this job can be found here.
  5. If you love clothes, then being an American Eagle brand ambassador might be the job for you! Your goal as an ambassador is to make sure all customers who walk into the American Eagle store are provided with the best shopping experience you can possibly give them. As an employee, you can earn up to 40% discounts and be entered into raffles for a chance to win FREE American Eagle merch! Details for this job can be found here.

We live in an area full of opportunities for high school students in search of a part-time job.  Whether you go out on your own as a babysitter or lawn mower, or whether you take on a position at one of the businesses loved by so many West students, the chance is there for you to make some money during your summer vacation.