Managing Your Time During Online Learning



Don’t kill the three! Flora — Green Focus allows you to set timers for focused activities.

Rachel McAllister, Staff Reporter

Online learning is new to everyone and it affects everyone in different ways. Students have to learn and adapt to the new ways of online learning. Teachers are forced to think of new ways to teach.

Not knowing how to deal with these stresses can be difficult. I talked to teachers about the different tips they have to stay on top of work and deal with the stresses to come with it. World Language teacher Mrs. Trexler suggests that students “download a mobile timer app that will section out time to work.”

I looked into a few apps, one of them called Flora-Green Focus. Flora grows a plant during a timed section and if you go on your phone your plant will die. Using apps like this can help you differentiate personal or home time from school time.  If you set the timer for the length of your class or the length of time you want to devote to your assignment, you have new incentive to stay off of your phone during that time. 

Taking note of the fact that sometimes distractions are not easy to ignore, Mrs. Trexler also stated, “you don’t realize how much you get distracted when working from home.” To help combat distraction, making a list can also be very helpful. You can manage your time and split work up into days. Doing so can make completing the assignments less overwhelming. Taking and applying these tips can help to lighten the load of staggered learning.