Looking Back: A Senior Reflects on Her Time at West


courtesy DHSW

Though the 2020-2021 school year was unusual, many seniors can still look back on their time at West with happiness and fond memories.

Madison Lydon, Staff Reporter

As we come up on the end of the 2020-2021 school year, emotions are running high for members of our senior class.

Most people know that this year was anything but average for all students, but it was especially unusual for the seniors. The different tone was set from the first day.  Usually, the building is flooded with students on the first day, with freshmen getting lost and seniors excited that this will be their last first day in the building. This year, the first day of school began in most students’ bedrooms or kitchens, with students logging in virtually from home. Now the halls are becoming more lively again, as some students come back to finish out the year.

As a senior, I could say that this year has had its ups and downs, but coming back into school has started to make it a little better and bring some normalcy into my life. I have to say, I do feel fortunate to have had a “normal” first 3 years of my high school career, as I was able to get a feel for the high school experience — unfortunately, I and the Class of 2021 have missed out on a lot of the praised senior year experience.

My time at West was good; many crazy things, unexpected things, and good things have come out of it. Like so many of my fellow seniors, I have made some lifelong relationships, but also lost some that I thought were going to be forever. High school has made me grow and become someone who I am proud to be. The environment definitely adds to the excitement of the school as well. Even if I was having a rough morning or not feeling school, seeing friends in the morning or witnessing a crazy thing happening in the halls always made it worth it.  When I asked a fellow senior, Jake Curtis-Smith, about his time at West, he said that during his high school experience, he has “had an awesome time playing football and being able to experience this with all of my friends.”

I think that many can agree that this year has been crazy, but no one else would change the last 3 years we have had here. To all the seniors this year, congratulations on making it through this year and pushing through every obstacle that was thrown at you. On behalf of the seniors, thank you to the teachers and staff who have tried to make our senior year the best possible. I can confidently say that my time at West has been an interesting experience, but I would not change it for anything.