Coping With College Application and Acceptance Stress

Though+it+can+be+an+exciting+time%2C+the+college+application+and+acceptance+period+is+also+a+source+of+stress+for+many+high+school+seniors. an/

Though it can be an exciting time, the college application and acceptance period is also a source of stress for many high school seniors.

Lea Filidore, Staff Reporter

As winter transitions to spring, seniors all across the country are finalizing college applications and preparing to make official commitments. Downingtown West seniors are no exception. With the excitement at the prospect of graduating and enrolling in college comes the stress of deciding which college is right for you. The uncertainty and importance of this choice can often make stress levels spike and anxieties run wild. The best way to deal with college commitment stress is to take some time to unwind and focus on other things. Finding something to occupy your time can be hard, so we are here to help with a list of four fun activities and things to do to cope with college-related stress.

1. Exercise

The best cure for stress is always exercise. Physical activity can relax both your mind and body and leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. And, working out is something that anyone can do. No gym required! Simple and effective exercise routines can be done on front lawns or kitchen floors if necessary– as long as there’s a safe amount of room, go for it! If you don’t already have a well-loved exercise regime or routine, there are plenty of quick and easy video tutorials on Youtube that you can follow. Channels like Body Project and Chloe Ting have quick, fifteen-minute videos that are perfect for beginners. If you aren’t a fan of at-home workouts, try yoga or meditation instead! Videos by Yoga with Adriene on YouTube offer great lessons and a perfect place to start relaxing your mind and body.

2. Learn a new recipe

What better way to unwind than with food? Cooking or baking can be therapeutic and offer a sense of relaxation and accomplishment while still distracting from stress. For an extra challenge and element of interest, try making a recipe you never have before! For a more healthy experiment, try making a smoothy bowl or banana bread. If you want something sweeter, spring for a lunchbox or mini cake that you can decorate and be creative with. Happy cooking!

3. Get creative

One of the best forms of stress relief is creative expression. There are many different ways to get creative and indulge in art, so it is important to pick the best form of expression to fit your needs. If you enjoy a more hands-on approach, consider art. Painting is easy and fun, especially when it gets a little messy. Sidewalk chalk is another great way to get into art without the more intimidating supplies and permanence. If you prefer to keep your hands clean, consider photography or journaling. Both are easy and require little to no supplies. Photos can be taken on a cellphone and journal entries can be written anywhere you want! The possibilities are endless.

4. Talk with a friend

While this decision is big and stressful, you truly are not alone in your feelings or experiences. The best way to deal with stress is to talk through it. Bouncing thoughts and ideas off of friends or family members is a great way to talk through concerns and help with your decision. Likewise, your conversation may help a friend out with their decision too! Being able to talk about your experience and ease your worries over a cup of coffee or at a socially distanced hangout will do wonders for college-related stress.

Regardless of how you decide to cope with college stress, it will get better. Come May 1st, all your stress will have transformed into excitement for graduation and your first semester at the college of your choice. You got this!