Exercise? I thought you said “Extra Fries”!: A Marino’s Gym Review


Conner Hassinger, Trainer

Getting it done! Mother and daughter duo Sue and Morgan West spend time together while working out at Marino’s.

Morgan West, Staff Reporter

Self-care has been all the rage on social media recently, especially when it comes to fitness. While there are many options for getting your heart rate up, Marino’s has been my favorite.

The gym is located near the DASD administrative building in Downingtown. Marino’s is not your typical gym. It offers a wide variety of options from different types of training sessions (semi-training or a conditioning workout), nutrition planning, and muscle therapy! The gym even has a separate program specifically made to help sports players be the best they can be (MAP).

The reason I love Marino’s so much is because I feel welcome. When someone joins Marino’s they also join their fun-loving community of people. The personal trainers help to make sure everyone has correct form to prevent injury, offer words of encouragement for those tough moments, and want to see everyone thrive. Their staff provide individualized own programs that are customized based on the client’s fitness and nutritional goals. The other members are super friendly as well. Marino’s also has their own shake bar for a post workout protein reward!

All in all Marino’s is such a great facility and I highly recommend checking them out if you are looking for something new.  Learn more about this great local gym here.