Super Bowl LV: A Recap



A strange sight to behold, The stadium was full of cardboard fan cutouts and only a few live audience members.

Emery Cottingham, Staff Reporter

There have been 52 Super Bowls, but 2021 was the only one that occurred during a pandemic.  The Super Bowl usually unifies football fans throughout the country and emotions are high. In a normal year, there would be parties or cookouts and any way to get people to celebrate the game. During COVID, nobody was able to get together with family and friends. Leah Rogelstad (’21) explains the frustration and states, “COVID really put a wrench in everyone’s Super Bowl plans. I watched the game with my immediate family but it was boring and I miss going to parties full of food, friends and football.”

As depicted in the picture, the stadium was only at 50% capacity and the empty seats were filled with fake cardboard fans.  Fans who were granted in-person access were healthcare workers from all over the United States who received special invitations as a thank you for their hard work during pandemic.

Generally, the whole game did not have the excitement football fans yearn for. Even the game was considered spectacularly boring. The teams played well but there was no excitement and left views unsatisfied. The only thing important from the game was Tom Brady winning his 7th Super Bowl title, which is the only thing anyone seemed to talk about. Also, The Weeknd’s engaging halftime performance stole the show. All in all, Super Bowl 2021 was considered a big let down. It’s safe to say that everyone missed the thrill of the Super Bowl that we often experienced before the pandemic.