Crime Junkie: A Podcast Review


@crimejunkiepodcast (Instagram)

Repping their podcast merch, Crime Junkie hosts Brit Prawat and Ashley Flowers pose for a social media pic.

Maddie Scalea, Staff Reporter

Calling All Crime Junkies!  Are you interested in true-crime and need your weekly fix? Look no further than the true-crime podcast, Crime Junkie! Every Monday, hosts Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat report on a fascinating new case. They cover cases from missing persons to conspiracies and even unsolved murders.

Each case is thoroughly researched, diving deep into the details of the victims’ lives, the facts of the case, and any other surrounding information. Ashley and Brit make each case seem personal to them, with Ashley often interviewing members of the victims’ families to further her research. Most of the cases they report on are unsolved, however, the occasional solved case will be dropped in.  As Ashley reports on each case, Brit chimes in with her personal commentary, often getting what they call “Full. Body. Chills.” Every week will leave you wanting to learn anything and everything relating to the case as you try to figure out what happened for yourself.

The producing company of the podcast, audiochuck, is female-founded and focused. The hosts of the show also donate a portion of their ad sales to charities such as the DNA Doe Project (which uses DNA to identify unknown victims), Crime Stoppers, and Bree’s Law (which aims to prevent instances of and educate society about domestic violence). This podcast is not only informative about crime issues that face our society today, but the hosts and podcast staff also help to better the world and seek justice for those affected by the crimes they discuss.

A new episode is released every week and there are over 200 episodes for you to binge. So, if you’re in need of a new true-crime podcast or looking for one to try, give Crime Junkie a shot!