Local Business Spotlight: Taco Maya


Taco Maya

Customize your meal at Taco Maya, where the staff is ready to assist you as you build your own Mexican dish.

Haley Kuhn, Staff Reporter

We all have those nights when we ask ourselves, “What’s for dinner?” The response is almost always one we never like, especially if it involves leftovers or more food from home. If you can relate to this, Taco Maya is the place for you and your family to go.  If you have not heard of it already from the many Downingtown West Students who often go there to eat, Taco Maya is an authentic Mexican restaurant in Eagleview. It is a small family-run business that has amazing food and is a local Whippet favorite.

When you walk into the front door of Taco Maya, you are immediately greeted by the staff. On busy nights there is a line, but it moves fast. Once it is your turn to order, you get to customize your own creation. The restaurant has a large menu that meets all types of needs and features fresh, high-quality ingredients. At Taco Maya, you have an option of making your own burritos, tacos, quesadillas, bowls, nachos, and even salad bowls. You get to select your choices from a variety of meats and add-ons. They even offer vegetarian options. There are more also standard options on the menu if you are not in the mood to create your own meal.

While I was in line for my food during a recent visit to the restaurant, I met a Coatesville resident who expressed his love for the Taco Maya food. He shared, “I drive 25 minutes from Coatesville to Taco Maya just because their food is so good. I even like it better than Chipotle.” There has always been a debate whether Chipotle or Taco Maya is the better of the two. Personally, I would choose Taco Maya because of the variety of food they offer. I could go there for a week and still not repeat a meal. I sometimes go to Chipotle, but they definitely do not have as many options as Taco Maya.

If you are not convinced to go check out their food already, Taco Maya can boast plenty of awards that may convince you. In 2015, Taco Maya was selected as #1 of 103 restaurants in Exton, honored as #1 of 118 places to eat in Exton, and received a certificate of excellence by TripAdvisor. If you are planning a large event in the future, consider looking at the Taco Maya website for more information about catering and special orders. They used to be located where Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers is now, and their new location is  just down the road and across the parking lot from Nudy’s Cafe.  Check them out soon!