Staying Focused in Online Classes

Plan ahead! Coming up with a game plan can help you manage your weekly to-dos and assignments.

Wikimedia Commons

Plan ahead! Coming up with a game plan can help you manage your weekly to-dos and assignments.

Madison Scalea, Staff Reporter

This school year certainly has looked different than any of our other school years. With at least half of classes taking place through Zoom and half at home, it can be hard to stay focused and keep track of work work. From keeping up with your work to just staying focused while in class, this year has presented its own unique challenges.

One very helpful strategy to keeping up with your work is to use a planner. While this may seem self-explanatory, it is much more useful than it seems. Use the calendar to write down your upcoming work and plan out the time you need for projects and studying for tests. That way, you don’t have to worry about cramming in time to study or turning in the project last minute. Using a planner can also help keep other personal events in line with your schoolwork. If you write down appointments, work schedules, and hangouts with friends, it helps you stay organized and on top of things.

Another strategy to keeping focused during school is to leave your phone in another room. Although it doesn’t seem like an important thing, your phone can be a huge distraction during school. Taking away the temptation to scroll social media or play video games will help you stay focused during class. If you need your phone, set restrictions on games and social media so you can avoid them. Senior Elsie Speers says, “I make sure that I only use my phone during study halls or my lunch period. That way, it keeps me from wanting to use it during class.”

Finally, keeping your school area separate from your bed and organized is helpful. It may seem more comfortable and convenient to attend your classes from your bed, but it makes it harder to stay focused. Sitting in your bed makes you want to fall asleep, and also makes it harder to sleep at night because you are associating your bed with school. Try to sit at a table or desk to separate your school area and your bedroom.

Additionally, make sure you keep that area organized. If your space is messy, it won’t help you stay organized. Using these tips and tricks might help you stay organized and up to date on your classwork for the rest of the year, whether it be online or in-person!