Local Business Review: J&L Creative Nails


courtesy J&L Nails

With a plethora of satisfied customers, J&L Creative Nails offers fair pricing, talented technicians, and a convenient, center-of-town location.

Caleigh Lydon, Staff Reporter

People often ask me what my go to nail salon is and I always tell them J&L Creative Nails.

Located in the heart of Downingtown Borough on Lancaster Avenue, J&L Creative Nails is a popular nail salon that has had to adapt and overcome COVID-related circumstances, and they’ve done an amazing job.  To ensure customer safety, as soon as you walk in you must have your temperature taken and put on gloves to pick out your nail colors. It is required to have an appointment scheduled at least two hours prior to your arrival. There are face shields at each station and all nail technicians have gloves and two masks on to ensure the most safety for everyone in the salon.

At J&L they have hundreds of different nail polish colors and even have a plethora of brands to choose from. I personally enjoy getting acrylic sets with small designs on them, but they can do manicures, gel, pedicures, and SNS dip powder — they even offer waxing services! The staff can do almost any design on your nails and everything is fairly priced. All technicians are quick and efficient, giving you beautiful, long-lasting nails every time. If there are ever any problems they are always willing to fix it or give you a refund to address your dissatisfaction.

The staff is super friendly and ensure the best experience for everyone. They always check to make sure everything is good before they continue on to their next step and put their customers first. Every time I go in I see familiar faces getting a manicure or pedicure. Recently I ran into Kaelyn Minchack (‘23), who shared, “J&L is by far the best nail salon I’ve been to. They are so friendly and the nail techs always do an amazing job and make sure I get what I paid for. After leaving my appointments I am completely satisfied with their work.”

Customers are always happy and enjoy their nails after getting them done at J&L. I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for a new salon to head over to J&L for the best services, amazing quality, and the nicest nail technicians. Any customer of J&L can see that they are one of the best nail salons around!