Get Involved at West and Join StuCo


West YB Staff

Following social distance protocols, members of the 2020-2021 West Student Council organization pose for a yearbook photo.

Emery Cottingham, Staff Reporter

With all the closures schools across the country are facing, it is difficult to keep students’ moods up and keep them involved. One of the best ways to feel a part of the Downingtown West community is to join West Student Council, known as StuCo for short.

During COVID as well as in a normal environment, Student Council is a great way to feel like you are making a difference in the West Community. Student Council Secretary Emily Hacker (’21) states, “It’s a really good way to get involved and feel like you are truly a part of West.”

Student Council organizes events such as Homecoming, Day Without Hate, Mr. West and many more school functions. Joining the club and being a part of the planning will make any student feel like they are helping raise school spirit.

During COVID, joining StuCo is a great way to still feel connected to the school. Even on snow days, StuCo is working hard to connect us to one another.  As seen in the below picture, during our recent December snowstorm, students and staff could submit snow day pictures to the Student Council Instagram (@dweststudentcouncil). Page admins posted everyone’s pictures on the story and even gave out a gift card to one lucky participant.  It was great to see so many West students and staff participate in this fun activity.

Snow day fun! This activity from December’s snowstorm brought together West students and staff in a fun way,

It is easy for students to feel isolated and lonely due to school being online or in a staggered model. Therefore, activities and things like the snow day pictures are a way to see some much-missed faces and raise spirits for the student body and staff.

If you aren’t involved already, I highly recommend joining Student Council to get and stay involved in the West community.  See Mrs. McGregor in room 207 or email her at [email protected]