A Welcome to New West Students!


Leah Rogelstad

Safety first! Lily Henning (‘23) and Julia Marasco (‘23) wear their masks and their smiles.

Leah Rogelstad, Staff Reporter

While this year’s 2020-2021 school year is unlike any others we’ve had in the past, we are keeping in mind the incoming freshmen and new students, and we are doing everything we can to make Downingtown West as welcoming and comfortable as possible. We began our in-person return to the school year with a hybrid model, which splits students into an A-L crowd and an M-Z crowd. We are temporarily closed and are hoping to open again with this method on December 9th. However, safety comes first so we are making sure our online school environment is useful and healthy! Students can check in with their teacher any time they need help whether it is via email or during Zoom conference hours. 

Downingtown West is a school that cares about its students and puts their well being first. We have a welcoming community and many of our upperclassmen are willing to help the underclassmen navigate becoming a high school student. While we weren’t able to hold events such as Ready Day there are still many ways to navigate the school inside or outside the classroom. Freshmen and new students can take the opportunity of less crowded hallways to help them navigate the school. There are also social distancing arrows and signs in several parts of the schools to remind students to stay apart and stay safe. 

When we have the opportunity to be in class there are many safety precautions put in place because West puts health and safety first. For our at-home students, we have cameras in the classroom so they can see the lessons live. We also end class five minutes early every period to clean and disinfect the desks and seats. Free lunches and breakfasts are provided so students will always have a readily available meal. We also have a two-hour early dismissal every Friday to help students relax or keep up with any missed work in these unique times. 

While entering high school in 2020 may be unusual in comparison to the world we knew before, there is nothing to worry about. If you are a freshman or simply new to the school, West has got your back! We are a safe and considerate community and are so glad to have you.

Welcome to the family, new Whippet!