Buffalo Wild Wings: Making Changes in 2020

Ready to safely serve you, Buffalo Wild Wings of Downingtown is taking all precautions to keep you safe and well-fed.

Zach Wheeler

Ready to safely serve you, Buffalo Wild Wings of Downingtown is taking all precautions to keep you safe and well-fed.

Alexis Titus, Staff Reporter

Buffalo Wild Wings of 103 Quarry Rd, Downingtown, PA is making many changes throughout the duration of the Covid19-ridden 2020. From capacity limits to television changes, Buffalo Wild Wings is doing their best to keep their customers safe- all while remaining a key dining staple for the Downingtown West populace!

For the many sports lovers at West, Buffalo Wild Wings almost felt like a second home before the Coronavirus hit–and B-Dubs is doing their absolute best to keep it that way. One of Downingtown West’s very own, Cole Blence (’18), recently joined the B-Dubs crew and agreed to an interview to discuss his opinions of the much-beloved Downingtown restaurant.

Cole revealed that he had been to the restaurant many times before Covid hit and that he enjoyed his time there as a customer; he still does now that he has been an employee for the past three months. When asked whether he felt the location was important to himself and his peers, he stated the following: “Yes. In a sense, we’re providing for people.” Buffalo Wild Wings provides for their customers as much as they can, going so far as to clean highly-touched surfaces every half hour to stop the spread of the virus.

With reference to the staff, Cole said, “They’re all super friendly, like a second family to me.” He also admitted to thinking that they were all handling the pandemic well and that his co-workers were easily the best part of working at B–Dubs. Overall his claim was that Buffalo Wild Wings is doing their part to put an end to Covid by enforcing the wearing of masks, social distancing, and regular wipe-downs of the restaurant. He said that preventative actions to stop the spread were a workplace necessity that was expected of every employee.

There were some questions, however, that couldn’t be answered by Cole alone. The customers’ opinions are just as valid if not more so than the employees. Through to the reviews on Google, it is clear that the customers feel the same as Cole. Commenter Abbie Bond says, “Good food, good atmosphere, decent prices.” Reviewer Bill Daywalt also comments on the staff and says “Awesome service. Sarah our waitress was awesome.”

With reference to the cleanliness, one customer by the name of Maahi Priyanka left an online review stating that it’s a good, clean place, adding that “service is good.” Clearly, many are in agreement: the Downingtown Buffalo Wild Wings is very up to speed with their handle on Covid and still remains with a great deal of importance to those who are members of the Downingtown Area School District.