FoCo — A Pandemic Trend


Mrs. Allison Brown

Smile for the camera! Seniors Abigail Chichester, Aubrey Place, Ashlyn Brown, and Morgan West pose for a photo at their DIY FoCo evening.

Morgan West, Staff Reporter

2020 has not been the best year for many West students.  Plans have been changed, seasons have been shortened, and school events have been postponed or canceled altogether.  This includes the annual West Homecoming dance and football game — HoCo for short.

But students here at West coined a new fad: FoCo. FoCo is a slang word that stands for “fake homecoming.” Due to the pandemic, many fun student activities have been canceled. Even in the midst of disappointment, West students have found a way to make the best of it.

As seen on various social media platforms, students held small gatherings with their close peers to have their own smaller and safer version of a high school dance. Everything is student-coordinated, complete with getting dressed up, taking photos, and sharing laughs all in a safe way to ensure that everyone remains safe.  These events are often held outside to allow for safer gathering and socializing.

A local parent mentioned to me during a FoCo event photoshoot that she is proud of the students making their own memories.  She shared, “I love seeing the creativity the students have! It warms my heart to see them making the best of such a scary time.” Leave it to Generation Z to stay optimistic — and get creative — during these unsure times.