A Football Season Unlike Any Other

Ready to go!  The players run onto the field to start the first quarter of the game against Avon Grove.

Ready to go! The players run onto the field to start the first quarter of the game against Avon Grove.

Lola Bruton, Staff Reporter

Due to many unprecedented circumstances, the 2020 West football season was far from ordinary. The COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on not only spring training for the team but also changed the fall competition season greatly. The West football team, even with all the challenges, adapted and was able to complete a four-game season.

After having to pass on the first game against East due to the entire varsity team being quarantined after a potential COVID exposure, the players unfortunately suffered a loss in their first game against Coatesville. Despite the devastating loss, the boys rallied to beat Avon Grove (46-0) and West Chester East (35-14) but came up short in what would turn out to be their final game against Downingtown East. The 2020 season ended with the team having to quarantine a second time due to another potential COVID exposure. Due to the two quarantines that bookended the West season, West missed the opportunity to qualify for playoffs this year.

Although they were faced with quarantining, limited practices, and safety protocols that made it difficult to maintain their normal routines, the West varsity team managed to play hard and make the best of the fall 2020/COVID season. Most of the players, especially seniors who were hoping for one last season with their teammates, were grateful for the opportunity to play. West senior varsity player Will Bruton said, “While none of this is what we expected, we banded together to make a season out of what we had, and don’t regret a thing. It was still a great experience and one we will always remember.”

The play wasn’t the only thing that changed this year. The atmosphere in the stands also was a stark contrast to what the varsity players have been accustomed to. The stadium sat mostly dormant. Chants from the student section were silenced; spectators were limited with just two tickets allowed per player. However, those who attended masked up and cheered loud to support the Whippets.

While many things changed this year, one thing that stayed the same was the team’s hard work and determination along with the fans’ undying support. Everyone made the best out of an unfortunate situation and the team played their best. It was a season none of us will ever forget.