How to Stay Healthy at West



Coming back to school can be daunting, but by taking the right precautions we can all stay healthy!

Ilse von Heimburg, Staff Reporter

School is finally back in session! Since November 9th, students have been at West in a hybrid model. Although it is very exciting to be back in the classroom, it can be pretty scary returning to school in these unprecedented times. So, here are some measures to take to keep yourself COVID-free during your time at West.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to WEAR YOUR MASK! Used not only to protect yourself but others, masks are the best way to stop the spread of coronavirus, as the virus is mainly airborne. It’s okay to take mask breaks—that is what the desks outside classrooms are for. Just make sure to wear your mask above your nose when in classrooms, hallways, and other public areas of the school!

Another thing to keep in mind is to wash your hands often. Mrs. Sapper, the 11-12th grade nurse at West, gives the advice to “wash your hands for 20 seconds, before eating/drinking anything, after eating/drinking, after using the restroom, before and after putting on your mask” and to “use hand sanitizer after touching high touch areas” such as doorknobs, railings, and printers. This may sound like a lot of hand washing, but it does pay off in the end. Hand sanitizer is so easy to store in a backpack, and I personally never leave home without mine!

The Chester County Health Department also recommends that students try to stay six feet apart from each other. This sounds impossible, especially with the way our school is set up. However, taking less crowded staircases and hallways can make a world of difference, and our classrooms are also set up for as much social distancing as possible.

Other precautions students and staff can take are to keep your hands away from your mouth and face, to limit the people you interact with to a small circle, and to limit travel. Keep in mind that when traveling to restricted states, you must quarantine for 14 days upon your return home. Most important, remember that, if you even feel the tiniest bit sick, stay home!

This is a crazy time, but with some dedication, we can make it work. Stay healthy, West!