West’s Cafeteria COVID Precautions

Wests Cafeteria COVID Precautions

Caleigh Lydon, Staff Reporter

When you walk into the West cafeteria, it looks a lot different than it has in previous years.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some changes have had to be made in the cafeteria to ensure safety and social distancing for students. There are no more booths or tables to sit at with your friends; instead, they are replaced with socially distanced rows of desks.

At the entrance to the cafeteria, there is a table full of white boxes with premade meals to grab and go, so students are not waiting in a long line to buy lunch. These meals are free for all students, along with breakfast in the mornings before class begins.

Another rule about the new Covid precautions is no students are allowed to eat lunch in the quiet study areas or library. Students must report to either the cafeteria or small gym, as both areas are set up for safe and socially distanced eating.

The school has done everything they possibly can to ensure the safety of all the students and teachers returning to in person classes. While many students do not like the new set up and rules of the cafeteria, others are grateful to have a safe return to school. Junior Ryenn Sovich says, “I do not really like the new set up and rules, but I enjoy being
back in school. I would rather go through all the safety precautions and be back in person, rather than be fully virtual.”

Many students have been struggling to adjust to these new precautions, but most are excited to be back in person and will continue to follow these rules to stay in person.  Many are hoping for another safe return after the Thanksgiving break, to continue seeing everyone in person and getting to know their teachers and classmates better.

COVID-19 has affected many people education-wise, but students must continue working hard and focusing on school. Everyone can get through this if we work together as a school!