Epicurean Garage — Serving the Community


Courtesy Epicurean Garage Facebook

Determination! Epicurean Garage shows its appreciation for the community by finding many creative ways to give back, support the community, and keep staff working.

Tori Martin, Staff Reporter

Epicurean Garage (The Garage) is a restaurant located in Eagle, Pennsylvania in the Acme Shopping Center complex. They have always used fresh food from local farms and made their food to order. With the pandemic that is currently taking place, the Epicurean Garage has changed its methods for serving customers and is now providing meals by takeout and delivery.

I work there and am proud to see everything that we are doing. To ensure the safety of our community, we are wearing face masks and always wearing gloves. Everyday, we wipe all the counters down and internal surfaces with disinfectant wipes and we use hand sanitizer frequently. We have also been social distancing with customers to protect our community.

With every takeout order, we have been giving out a roll of toilet paper because it is scarce right now. It might seem like an odd thing to give out with a takeout food order. However, people really appreciate it and have indicated so on Facebook. We are also giving out $10 off coupons for people to use when they return to the restaurant.

At least once a week, The Garage posts on its Facebook page about what the menu is for the week because it is more limited right now.  In addition, The Garage has been reaching out on social media to people who are quarantined and need food delivered and to help other local restaurants and small businesses.  Each week, The Garage tries to support a cause to help out the community; the story and plan is then posted on social media about who is being supported.

This past weekend, we donated all of our tip money to purchase gift cards for first responders. We wanted to thank them for everything they are doing during the crisis and putting their lives on the line. A Facebook commenter said, “The blessed family that makes the Garage run is Screaming Awesome! Personally the weekly food deliveries have become a centering gift! The huge portions are so appreciated. I find myself saying, “Oh Bless them”, after every bite! Eagle on!”

To help people that might be struggling, we have also come up with family meals for our menu. Each family meal includes four portions, which allows an average family size to only have to buy one item in order to feed itself for the night. We have also had some anonymous people challenge others in the community to place orders and, if we reach a certain amount of sales for the weekend, they would donate to the Chester County Food Bank. Two weekends in a row, donors offered these incentives and raised $15,000 for the Food Bank.

There is always something new happening at The Garage and we appreciate everyone’s help and generosity supporting the restaurant and the community as a whole. Please find the Epicurean Garage on Facebook and share the story through our posts to help more people to benefit.

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