Pomodoro — Tasty, Local, Quarantine-Approved Takeout!


Courtesy TripAdvisor

No cars in the parking lot?! That’s impossible! Although this picture shows nobody at the restaurant, my visit to Pomodoros would depict it differently. Even with people quarantined in their houses, this restaurant has been booming with business.

Bea Nonnemaker, Staff Reporter

Unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus epidemic that has shut down restaurants, theaters, malls, and has kept us locked inside our homes, takeout and delivery seem to be the only options for hungry Downingtownians at the moment.

For some that may be a struggle, but, fortunately, there are some incredible establishments that can bring food into your arms in an interaction-free, socially distant way. For example, Pomodoro, a tasty Italian restaurant located on Chestnut Street in Downingtown, PA, has an easy system set up for people who want take-out. The system works so that you order what you need over the phone and pay over the phone as well. You can even include a tip over the phone if you’re paying with a credit card. This makes it so that when you drive up to the restaurant, you can open your trunk or back seat door and remain in the driver’s seat, while a server brings the food out and places it into your vehicle.

Although the current take-out-only regulations mean that you miss the experience of going out to a restaurant, sitting at a nice table, and having a waiter bring out all of the food for you, having it at your house is also extremely nice. You can hunker down on the couch and watch a movie while eating delicious seafood ravioli or scrumptious chicken parmesan. The best part, though, is that the business is still making money. Many restaurants and shops have had to close because of the virus, but because of their easy system and good food, Pomodoro has been able to stay open.

Although I was unable to get out of my car while picking up an order of my own, I quickly asked the server, who was conveniently wearing a mask, a question through my window. When asked if he was happy that he was still working, he responded, “Absolutely. Without this job, I wouldn’t be making any money so I’m really grateful.” The server seemed extremely glad to be able to still work during this time of struggle.

Treat yourself while supporting local businesses like Pomodoro.  Bon appetit!

You can access their website here.