A Spring LINK Senior Leader Appreciation Post

PIctured at one of their meetings pre-Coronavirus closure, the senior leaders pose for a pic with Ms. DiSantis, Ms. Farnesi and some little LINKers.

Ally Velasquez

PIctured at one of their meetings pre-Coronavirus closure, the senior leaders pose for a pic with Ms. DiSantis, Ms. Farnesi and some little LINKers.

Ally Velasquez, Staff Reporter

What Happened to the Spring LINK trip?

Like many other big events due to the Coronavirus, the trip was canceled. As many of you know, LINK is an organized weekend where selected freshmen, sophomores, and juniors learn to work with other students with the support of senior leaders. The underclassmen gain knowledge of leadership and cooperation while discussing topics such as mental health and how to overcome obstacles. There are two LINK trips yearly, one in the fall and one in the spring. On each trip, 5 senior boys and 5 senior girls who have previously gone on LINK are chosen as “Senior Leaders” to guide the new LINKers.

Meet the Senior Leaders

This trip had many people excited and working hard to pull off the trip, including the amazing seniors chosen for this trip. The ten seniors who would have been leaders on this trip include Tyriq Lewis, Skye McClellen-Chavez, Andrew Henrichon, Nick West, Mallory DiRocco, Ally Velasquez, Meghan Baillargeon, Reagan Flannery, Keith Dottley, and Matt Flinn. The senior leaders are of course upset about the trip, but even without the trip they have developed an amazing bond. Outside of LINK all of these people are truly great people who are great leaders. Though the trip was canceled, as senior leaders, they plan to hopefully plan something LINK-related with others over the summer. The group is committed to the program, continuing to say, despite the cancellation, “we are Spring LINK leaders.”  To keep good spirits, the group continues to tell one another a sentiment first developed by Skye McClellan-Chavez (’20), that “the trip wasn’t ready for [them]” because they are just that great.


Even though this news has been hard for those involved in the program to handle, LINK will never leave the lives of the senior leaders and other LINKers throughout the West community. Everyone who has been chosen to go on LINK is incredibly lucky to have such an experience. With everything going on in the world it’s best to remind ourselves of every opportunity we have been so blessed to have. These seniors still remain amazing leaders committed to LINK and West in general, so please don’t be afraid to reach out if you are in need someone to talk to during these times.

For every LINK trip, each leader picks a song and a playlist is made. Each song is handpicked and the hope is that LINKers from each trip can listen back to the songs and hear to the message leaders wanted to share. The playlist also gives participants a way to remember the trip and to be reminded of the love and support people have for them. Below is the playlist planned for the 2020 Spring LINK trip. Give it a listen if you need to feel some love, hear a positive message, or just want to give your eardrums some fun!

Access the playlist here.

Songs chosen by each senior leader, in order on the playlist.

  1. Matt — “Fix You,” Coldplay
  2. Tyriq — “Thinking Out Loud,” Ed Sheeran
  3. Mallory — “Home,” Phillip Phillips
  4. Reagan — “Rainbow,” Kacey Musgraves
  5. Nick — “The Long and Winding Road,” The Beatles
  6. Andrew — “The Breeze,” Dr. Dog
  7. Keith — “Reborn,” Kids See Ghosts
  8. Meghan — “Rescue,” Lauren Daigle
  9. Skye — “Intro,” J. Cole
  10. Ally — “Everything Has Its Place,” Young Mister