Stay Active and Fit During Quarantine

Drop and give me 20! Jonathan Miree (‘21) gets it done at home with modified workouts.

Jonathan Miree

Drop and give me 20! Jonathan Miree (‘21) gets it done at home with modified workouts.

Audrey Jones, Staff Reporter

As we are all stuck inside our homes for quarantine, it makes it extremely difficult to get the motivation to stay active. Even though sitting at home on the couch watching Netflix while eating food or taking the third nap for the day is very tempting, staying active is extremely important during this time in our lives. However, since all gyms are closed, at-home workouts or workouts around the neighborhood are going to be the best replacement. Being motivated enough to do any of these exercises is the real obstacle, so grab your quarantine buddy and help motivate each other to stay active while having fun!

The easiest way to stay active during quarantine is to just walk! Walking may not seem like it does much for your body but it can be very effective. If you have a treadmill or elliptical at home it is perfect for this activity, but, if not, walking around your neighborhood works just as well! 30-45 minutes a day is all you need and if you want it to be more effective, walking at a faster pace or finding a hill does the trick and gets your body moving.

Don’t want to stop watching TV long enough for an outdoor walk? Take the opportunity during commercial breaks or during the credits to do some ab workouts on the floor by the couch. Planks, crunches, and bicycle crunches can all be effective, even when done for as little as thirty seconds. However, if abs are not your thing, you can also get in some bursts of cardio with jumping jacks, burpees, and standing high knees to keep your body moving.

If you’re missing the free weights at your gym, you can still do weighted workouts at home! If you have dumbbells, that’s perfect, but if you don’t have that equipment, jugs of milk, laundry detergent, or any similar object around your house would work. With this weight, you can do squats, cross body planks, dumbbell presses, and lunges. Doing these exercises at high reps can make it a lot more effective, especially if you have lighter objects, such as water bottles or soup cans.

For all the athletes and couch potatoes struggling to go out and put in the work, try to set a scheduled routine similar to the calendar a team might follow. Schedule a time in the day where you work out and make sure to follow that schedule to make this process easier. Senior track caption Kelly Davis has been keeping up with her practices despite the current conditions, sharing, “With the Coronavirus impacting a lot of resources [I usually use] to get workouts in, I have found use in trails, stairs, hurdles, and weights. Since the track is closed, I do use parking lots, hills, and grass to do my workouts.” For athletes, it becomes crucial that they stay active throughout this pandemic so no talent is lost; even non-athletes can improve their physical and mental well-being to stay as healthy as possible at this time.

Get out there and get active, West!