How to Cure Quarantine Boredom


Azaria Roberts

Sometimes the background noise of a TV show or movie can help keep you on task and awake while working on schoolwork.

Lea Filidore, Staff Reporter

In the past three weeks, members of the West High School and Downingtown communities have been subjected to Social Distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The community-wide quarantine has halted school and put a pause on many businesses.  The unexpected lock-down does not have to be boring though. There are plenty of ways to stay entertained with your district-administered computers and personal phones.

For Creating…

While stuck at home, it can be hard to stay creative and inspired, especially for students who are used to having an art class every other day. One of the best ways to fight art block and to keep creative juices flowing is with paint-by-number. Paint-by-numbers don’t require any ability to draw or develop artistic ideas, all they need is a paintbrush, some paints, and a desire to create. Paint-by-numbers, normally a kids’ activity, can come in detailed sets designed for adults that are sold on Amazon or in places like Hobby Lobby.

During Social Distancing, it is not wise to venture out to Micheals in search of a paint-by-number, but you can make one right at home with the website allows users to select any image they want and formulates a paint by number that can be printed at home. The website is free to all users, all you need is some paint!

For Binging…

If painting isn’t for you, perhaps movies are. In quarantine, there is often nothing better than a good movie. If you have already worked your way through all of the interesting Netflix shows or are just craving a Hunger Games movie marathon, then may be the website for you.

A free site, has hundreds of movies, even the newest releases. It even has TV shows! Unfortunately, like Netflix, is blocked on district-administered laptops and computers but is available for free use on any phone, personal computer, or iPad!

For Binging (Together)…

Life away from friends and extended family is rough, but there are ways to get through it and ease your mutual boredom. Netflix Party is a somewhat well-known application that allows you and a friend to watch the same movie, in real-time, while face-timing. It’s as close to movie night as it gets! Netflix Party also has a feature for chatting and discussing the movie if you prefer to keep quiet. The app is a free chrome extension and should be available on any device compatible with Chrome!

For Snacking…

Are movies not curing your boredom? What about cooking? Baking and cooking are fun, and yummy, ways to relieve stress and keep busy while practicing social distancing! The website Supercook is a great way to find new recipes that you can make at home, without going out. Supercook finds recipes based on ingredients you already have in your home.  No need to worry about getting half-way through a recipe to discover you are out of eggs. This website is accessible from any device with a web browser!

For Gaming…

If cooking is not your thing, what about card games? There are thousands of online games available at the click of a button, but very few are multiplayer card games. is a website that allows users to play card games virtually with friends. The games move in real-time and are a great way to reconnect with friends long-distance. The website has Crazy Eights, Go Fish and Cards Against Humanity (called Remote Insensitivity). also has a feature that allows users to play any other traditional, 52-card game. is blocked on district-administered devices but is available on any other device with internet access!

Here’s to making the best of a bad situation!  Stay well, West!