Sanitary Supermarkets


Vinny Tennins

Grocery stores, such as ACME, are currently open and taking customers.

Sailor Anderson, Staff Reporter

COVID-19 has been taking the country by storm, causing closings and leaving only essential businesses open.

Essential businesses such as ACME Markets, a grocery store chain, have taken extra safety precautions to try to stop the spread of the Corona Virus. The safety precautions include marks on the floor to keep customers six feet apart from one another and arrows directing which way to pass through the aisles without collision. The chain has also included designated sanitizers, whose job it is during each shift to clean the registers, bathrooms, freezers, and other services every hour to ensure cleanliness.  All employees at the store have also been instructed to wash hands every hour and wear gloves always.

Though ACME has been diligent with supplying a clean environment, there have been some issues with supplying goods. Customers have been stockpiling products, such as toilet paper, and not leaving any for anyone else. The store has been forced to ration goods such as cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and frozen vegetables to only 1 per customer. Shelves throughout the store appear empty for days due to the overpurchasing and inability to refill orders.

Even though there have been warnings to stay quarantined, employees still show up to work at ACME to be sure the community is able to get what is needed and available. Employee Alex Floyd had this to say about the changes: “We’ve got so many more precautions now, lots of CDC regulations.”  He also said, “Lots of people quit, so staff is running short.”

ACME is currently hiring due to the amount of staff that have quit, and they really need the help to keep the store running and clean. The Corona Virus has really affected the lives of everyone. Please don’t abuse the store’s resources and leave enough for everyone.  Let’s all get through this together!