Stay Healthy at Home During the COVID-19 Closure


Ashley Cichon

Cuddle time! Tish Cichon (‘22) takes a nice evening nap with her puppy during the social distancing period at home.

Ashley Cichon, Staff Reporter

Hey Downingtown West!

Throughout the next couple of weeks, you could be practicing some healthy tips while staying at home with your families!

As you all know, it’s important to wash your hands, stay socially distant from one another, and keep up with online school work. All of that can make this can be a stressful time period for you and your family. With some helpful tips from West Side Beat, maybe you can add some fun into your day!

Try to focus on something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t had the time to do, like reading a fun book, cooking a new recipe, practicing (or even learning!) an instrument, or going for a run.

For some family fun, try to rent a movie, play some board games, or complete a tricky puzzle. You can work on connecting with your loved ones while having fun!

While going through a hard time like this, with COVID-19 on everyone’s mind, it can be hard to relax. What we all need to remember is to be thankful for our health now and to focus on the positives!

Stay healthy, West!