Softball Players Participate in Unity Day


Tori Martin

Softball season is here! Natalie Bebee (’20), Hannah Singer (’20), and Emma Eddie (’20) gather at the Unity Day bonfire to keep warm and share stories.

Tori Martin, Staff Reporter

Spring sports have begun! Tryouts have come to an end and the teams have been decided.

Last weekend, the Varsity and Junior Varsity softball players joined together at the school for team bonding. The team bonding day is called Unity Day, and the goal is to bring everyone together to kick the season off as a unified team. As a part of the day’s activities, four teams are created from the athletes and a senior athlete leads each group.

This year, the theme was Philadelphia sports teams. The four teams represented were the Flyers, Sixers, Eagles, and the Phillies. There were many team bonding activities throughout the day to help us as spring athletes trust each other and to allow us to learn more about other players. We had fun playing games that messed with your head and made you think.

I believe one of the most helpful exercises that we did was called the “trust fall.” In the trust fall exercise, two teams come together and put out their arms to create a place for a person to be caught. That person stands on the bleachers three steps high and faces aways from everyone. A coach stands next to the person in the bleachers to make sure the teams are ready and lined up. The person has to trust their teams to catch them and it helps to show that the team will always have that person’s back and be there for them.

The best part of Unity Day is the bonfire at night when the spring athletes all get together at a senior’s house. Everyone gathers around the fire and we have s’mores. We play games and share stories about each other.

Unity Day is a great way to start the season — after this past Unity Day, the softball players now know more about each other and we can bring our growing friendships onto the field.

This coming week, on Thursday, March 12th, we have a home scrimmage against Hamburg; we hope to see some fans there to kick-off the season! Please come support the 2020 softball teams as they hope to win Ches-Monts and Districts again this year as well as we contend for the State title.