Stage West Presents “Play On” to Rave Reviews


Abigail Chichester

Stage West presented “Play On!” at the end of January.

Abigail Chichester, Staff Reporter

On January 30 and January 31, Downingtown Stage West put on the play Play On! The cast and crew put on a phenomenal show. Each actor and actress had their special moment on stage. One minute the audience was on the floor laughing and the other moment they realized they were crying laughing.

This play is based on a play within itself. Sounds confusing, right? Well, that is not what the show made it out to be.

To sum up, there were three acts.  The first act was rehearsal time. The cast and crew were struggling to put the show together. With only a few days left until the show, they were messing up left and right. Props were not cooperating, people were forgetting their lines, and the actors were messing around. This was all in fun, and a part of the play’s design.

The second act was based on crunch time. There was only a certain amount of time left and still no change to the preparation for the cast and crew. People continued to mess up their lines. There would have been no way they could be better the night of the show and there was certainty for disaster.

The third and final scene was the show’s opening night. In the play, the fictional show was an absolute flop. People were messing up their lines and were doing completely worse then what they were doing at rehearsal. That was where the comedy comes in, as the audience thought there was no way things could possibly get worse than what happened to the characters in Act II.

The audience thought it was so funny that Play On! was a play on words, which added to the comedy seen in the play itself. Junior Ashlyn Brown thought the play was “very amusing… the cast did a great job.”

Congrats to all Stage West performers, cast, and crew for a job well done!