Great Apps for Studying

Studying doesn't have to be boring -- check out these apps today!

Collage by Alyssa Threadgill

Studying doesn’t have to be boring — check out these apps today!

Alyssa Threadgill, Staff Reporter

Tired of staring at boring notes and worksheets to study? Try these interactive study apps!

If you have not tried it before, Quizlet is a study tool that helps you organize all of your vocabulary words. The app defines almost any term and then converts them into games and activities so you can proactively learn new information. It also tells you the words that you commonly miss so you can put in extra practice.

Struggling with your foreign language class? Duolingo is a great way to practice basic terms and ideas to help enrich your understanding. As you advance to different levels the more challenging the topic will become and the more you will learn. As a bonus, you could also use the app to study a new language in your spare time!

If your phone often distracts you from your schoolwork, try Eggzy! This focus timer forces you to keep your phone face down in the allotted time needed to complete assignments. It rewards you by letting you hatch an egg and earn points. If you try to turn over your phone the app will remind you to stay focused and even crack your egg for getting distracted.

Play some relaxing sounds in your earbuds while you study! Noisli allows you to create a custom sound mix to play while you focus on work. From mountain breezes to coffee shop chatter this app imitates real-world noises to help you create natural background noise.

Try one of these apps today!