Order Your 2020 Yearbook Now!


Ashlyn Brown

A shelf of history! Books dating back to 1979 are lined up in the Publications classroom.

Ashlyn Brown, Staff Reporter

Do you want to remember your high school? Do you want to look back at all the good times you had in high school? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you should order a yearbook!

The Downingtown High School West yearbook shows pictures of all the grades, fun events that happen, like homecoming, West teachers, and so much more. Abigail Chichester (21’) said that her favorite section in the yearbook is the “encore section,” which features photos of what happens in West’s elective classes.

If you want to order a yearbook, then you should…

  1. go to yearbookordercenter.com
  2. Put in this order number: 13471

When asked about ordering a yearbook, Jiali Mann (21’) said, “Accessing the website and ordering a yearbook is very easy.” The yearbook costs $75 if you order now. You may place your order through the end of March, so make sure you order soon! (After March, orders will no longer be taken. Generally, a few extras are ordered and may be available in May for $85 cash, but that is NOT guaranteed).

Yearbooks are a fun way to keep all of the memories from high school, so order yours today!