Okinii — Downingtown’s Best Sushi


Bea Nonnemaker

A colorful explosion: my plate was filled with mouthwatering sushi that was bright with colors of tuna, edible flowers, and crunchy fish eggs.

Bea Nonnemaker, Staff Reporter

I recently visited the modern Japanese restaurant, Okinii, with a friend.

The restaurant is located on Lincoln Highway and is extremely close to my house, although I’ve never gone there before. I usually assume that sushi/raw fish-styled restaurants around this area are not as good as those near the coast or a major city, since we are not exceptionally close to an ocean. I was proven wrong.  My friend and I also went fairly late at night, so I expected sub-par service, since they were closing soon and the servers were ready to get off their shifts. However, we were treated extremely well and served quickly.

I ordered a salmon and tuna roll with avocado, while my friend ordered a California roll and shrimp fried rice. We were both brought our drinks very quickly and were given as much time as needed to look over the menu and choose our meals. 

When the food was brought out, it looked beautiful. My sushi was decorated with edible flowers and covered in delectable red fish eggs. To start, the sushi was delicious. The raw tuna was extremely fresh, as was the salmon. The fish eggs gave a nice crunch to the soft sushi, and the edible flowers, although I did not try them, were an excellent touch to the plate.

The shrimp fried rice was also very tasty. It was cooked with fried egg and small shrimp. After finishing our meal, I wanted to ask our waitress a few questions about the restaurant. Knowing her shift was ending soon, I tried to keep my questions to a minimum. I asked her how long she had worked here and how busy Okinii gets on the weekday and weekend nights. She said she had worked there since around the opening of the restaurant and was family friends with the owner, which allowed her to get the job fairly easily. She also stated, “We usually get very busy on weekend nights because of couples coming in for dates and families grabbing dinner.” Overall, the restaurant was a wonderful place to choose for dinner, and I will definitely be going there again!